Thursday, September 6, 2012

New Zombie Short Story: BITTEN: After Dark 2

My new zombie short story BITTEN: After Dark 2 is FREE on Kindle for the next five days! (Special Offer ends Sept. 10th, 2012.)

Saeko Sakaguchi is a Japanese high school student and is the All-Japan second place Kendo champion. One evening, after school, she is heading home with her American boyfriend when they run into some Yakuza-wanna-be thugs. Shinji Terajima, the groups ring leader, is still sore at the fact that Saeko, a competitive girl short on patients, gave him a royal beating after he had pushed her too far. Waiting for her, Terajima's gang beats Kevin up and starts to tear away Saeko's clothes--when all of a sudden a moan rings out.

Soon enough, the group of teenagers are struggling for their survival as a zombie outbreak starts to tear Tokyo apart. Find out what happens in this new, exciting, original zombie short story!

Hot off the heals of BITTEN: After Dark, which sold over 240 copies in the first week, comes BITTEN: After Dark 2. Unlike the first short story, which was a supplemental story that tied into the original full-length BITTEN novel, this all new 38 page short acts as an extended introduction and introduces the main characters to the upcoming BITTEN sequel (coming summer 2013).

Contains adult language and themes. Recommended for mature readers.

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