Saturday, August 18, 2012

New Zombie Short!

My new zombie short story is available on!

I intended this to be a chapter of BITTEN, but it got trimmed due to pacing issues and length. Those who have read BITTEN will be pleasantly surprised to find the events fit right into the events of the first book, while those who want a suspenseful, scary, horror story can still read and enjoy this short story without having previously read BITTEN.

The reason I chose to cut this from the original story was because it's ten pages of the main character roaming the halls of her son's abandoned school. It's great suspense, but it was rather long as happened in-between two intense action sequences in the original story and, feeling it threw off the pacing and flow of the book, I left it out.

Now I have come back and refined it, edited it, and published it so you can read it, either as a companion piece, or as a stand-alone. This special short is only $0.99 on!

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